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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Component and effects of bird nests:

Component and effects of bird nests:

  • Protein (50-60%), high protein, but the amount of fat (lipid) is very low (~ 0%).
  • Amino acids:
    + Glycine (1.99%) is good for the skin.
    + Valine (4.12%) healed muscle cells and formation of new cells.
    + Leucine (4.56%) to adjust the amount of sugar in the blood.
    + Isoleucine (2.04%) recovery of health, especially after surgery and sickness.
    + Threonine (2.69%) is good for the liver activity, strengthen the immune system and promote the body to absorb nutrients.
    + Methionine (0.46%) support the fight against arthritis, good for muscles.
    + Proline (5.27%) and aspartic acid (4.69%) growth and recovery of tissues, muscles, and skin cells.
    + Phenylalanine (4.50%) good for brain and improve memory.
    + Histidine (2.09%) helps the body to develop muscle and associated tissues.
    + Lysine (1.75%) increased ability to absorb calcium and keep bones strong, anti-aging spine.
    + Tyrosine (3.58%) Quick recovery work when the body is contaminated or damaged red blood cells.
    + Cysteine (0.49%) improve memory, nerve impulse conduction, increase the absorption of vitamin D from sunlight.
    + Tryptophan (0.7%) to prevent cancer.
    + Other amino acids: alanine (1.4%), serine (1.87%), glutamic acid (3.6%).
  • Carbohydrates (20-30%):
    + Fucose (0.7%) and galactose (16.9%) impact on brain development and cell communication.
    + N-acetylglucosamine (5.3%) to help restore joint cartilage which in the case of osteoarthritis.
    + N-acetylgalactosamine (7.3%) related to the function of synapses, the connections between nerve cells, and if the deficiency can cause serious impact on memory.
    + N-acetylneuraminic acid (sialic acid) (8.6%) recovered quickly when the body is contaminated or damaged red blood cells, enhance immunity,, repelling bacteria, viruses.
  • Minerals necessary for the body:
    + Fe (27.9%)
    + Cu (5.87%), Zn (1.88%), bromine, manganese: good for the nerves and memory.
    + Chromium: digestion.
    + Selenium: anti-aging, anti-radiation.

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