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Sunday, February 28, 2016



At TOTO we are passionate about water, from the way we make use of water, to its impact on the environment, water is afterall, the element aroundwhich we build our products.
Founded in 1917 as a manufacturer of ceramic sanitary wares and plumbing hardware, before long, TOTO grew to become Japan’s Industrial Leader in sanitary and plumbing related products. Now in the 21st century, TOTO with it’s expanded corporate vision is poised to move  forward and provide products as well as services that improves the cleanliness, comfort and convenience of all its customers while maintaining the purity of our environment.


PT. Surya TOTO Indonesia Tbk. is founded in 1977 as a joint venture with TOTO Ltd. Japan. The first of its global expansion outside of Japan. Since then the company has grown by lepas and bounds to become the largest sanitary ware and fittings factory in Indonesia, and also the top trusted brand in the minds of the Indonesian costumers.

Even after achieving that we countinously strive to improve upon other areas of our businesses. Our factories and business process are Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) and ISO Approved.. We have also achieved ISO 14001 certification for our factories to lessen the environmental impact of our industries. And beyond that, we are expanding our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work to help improvethe social climate of the country. The results of our actions have gone beyond the Bottomline of our balance sheets. We have received accolades in the field of top customer satisfaction for a few consecutive years, and have received recognitions from the government through our support of natural disaster stricken areas.

Looking ahead to the future, we will continue to expand our business, creating products that areat the forefront of bathroom technology, more innovative , and also more environmentally friendly. We truly believe that improvement and innovation is an endless cycle that we intend to keep turning forward into the future.

Established on July 11 th, 1977
(Certificate of Notary Kartini Mulyadi, S.H. No. 88, Jakarta).

Listed in the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Received JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Certification.
Received ISO 9002, Quality Management Systems Certification.

Received ISO 9001, Quality Management Systems Certification.

Received ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems Certification.

Merger with Subsidiary PT. Surya Pertiwi Paramita.


With a world class distribution and supply chain network designed to match its growing reputation and global demand, TOTO can meet the individual demands of all its customer, from a single customer that requires thousands of items for their projects.

We will work with our customers to ensure the best possible satisfactory delivery of their TOTO Products.

Our products are exported to thousands of customers spaning over 30 countries around the globe, selling through our certified partners or TOTO Ltd. Distribution channels.

1.       Australia                              16. Maldives
2.       Bangladesh                         17. Myanmar
3.       Brunei                                   18. New Zealand
4.       Cambodia                            19. Pakistan
5.       China                                     20. Phillipines
6.       Egypt                                     21. Qatar
7.       Fiji                                          22. Singapore
8.       Hongkong                           23. Sri lanka
9.       India                                      24. Saudi Arabia
10.   Iran                                        25. Taiwan
11.   Japan                                    26. Thailand
12.   Jordan                                  27. U.A.E
13.   Korea                                    28. U.S.A
14.   Kuwait                                  29. Vietnam
15.   Malaysia                              30. Yaman

Stunning Products

As a leader in high quality bathroom and kitchen ware, TOTO is committed to producing innovative high performance products. Beautifully crafted minimalist designed, integrated with the latest technological advances in concealed engineering, have led to a product second to none. Whether it is for private homes, prestigious hotels or public conveniences, TOTO provides complete solutions to todays ergonomic and environmental needs. Years of proven performance have made us the paramount choice for the worlds leading designers, contractors, and concerning homeowners.

Technology and Quality Control

At TOTO all our products are designed to provide perfect functionality and endless durability, ensuring precise waterflow and beautiful stay clean finishes and coatings , year after year.

Before it ever leaves the factory, every TOTO product is subjected to extreme testing and scrutiny, from it’s inner working technology to its surface perfection. Only when all the criteria for efficiency and durability have been met will it be released. It is what TOTO customers the world over have come to expect, perfectly aesthetic ergonometry and innovative technology.

Manufacturing Excellence

With more than 30 years of manufacturing excellence, integrating Indonesian craftsmanship and Japanese know how, TOTO have always strived in the pursuit of perfection. Providing high quality products through ongoing research and development.

Using the most up to date manufacturing machinery and systems available, have allowed TOTO to compete on a global scale, fast becoming  one of the worlds leading exporters of premium quality bathroom and kitchen ware.

Corporate Social Responsibility

PT. Surya TOTO Indonesia is aware that the impact of a company goes beyond the commercial and environmental values, but also social. Actually our CSR work started since the beginning of the company, we have always cared  for the improvement of social standards around our factory, donations and repairs around factory is an annual tradition that visibly improves the living standards and environment around our factory.

Recently, we have expanded the activities to a national scale, through extensive donations to charitable organizations around the countries.

We have made significant contributions to the victims of the devastating Tsunami in the Aceh province, helped with the rebuilding of the earthquake devastated areas of Jogjakarta, these are just a couple of the major contributions we have made.

In the future, we will continue to provide social support to charities, social organizations and orphanages all around the country not only as proof that we are company that cares for its environment and society, but to give precedence to our suppliers and business partners so that they may do the same.


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