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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Science Note – The Earth

Science Note – The Earth

-          The shape of the earth is round or sphere
-          Globe is the representative of the earth
-          The evidence that the earth is round :
1.       Sea exploration
2.       Satellite Image
3.       Earth Shadow on the moon is always circular
4.       The horizon looks like curve
5.       The appearance of the sailboat  on the sea always looks the tip first after that the body
-          Rotation of the earth is the spinning of the earth on its axis.
-          Rotaion causes day and night.
-          Revolution of the earth is the movement of the earth around the sun in 364 and ¼ days or 1 year.
-          A continent is a large area of land.
-          Here are the names of the continents : North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia , Australia, and antartica.
-          The largest continent is Australia.
-          An ocean is a large area of water.
-          Here are the names of the oceans : Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Southern Ocean.
-          The largest Ocean : Pacific Ocean.
-          The smallest Ocean : Arctic Ocean.
-          Landscape is the way a piece of land looks.
1.       Mountain : A very high hill that stands high abve its surroundings. The highest peak on the earth is Mount Everest.
2.       Volcano : A mountain with an opening through which hot gases, lava, and ash are erupted during an eruption.
3.       Valley : A long , narrow area of lower land lying between hills or mountains.
4.       Highland : An open and very wide area higher than surrounding. It is in the mountain.
5.       Lowland : An open area that is lower than surrounding land.
6.       Ravine : The deep and narrow area between the mountains.
7.       Trench : A long, narrow valley in the seabed. The deepest trench in the earth is Mariana Trench.
8.       Forest : a large group of trees growing close together along with various kinds of other plants.
9.       Desert : a large area of land that has very little rainfall and may be either hot or cold. The largest cold desert is Antartica. The largest hot desert is Sahara.
10.   Swamp : a low lying area of land permanently covered with water.
11.   Lake : a large body of water entirely or nearly surrounded by land.
12.   Beach : A stretch of sand, rocks, or other materials along the shoreline of sea.
13.   River : a long, natural body of water that flows in a channel into the ocean, a lake or another river.
14.   Glacier : A huge riveror sheet of ice that usually moves very slowly down a mountain or over the land.
15.   Geyser : A natural, hot water underground spring that frequently erupts with a stream of hot water and stream.
16.   Sea-Volcano : The active mount in the sea.
17.   Continental slope : The Slope area to the sea-floor.


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